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Mahjong Tower

Mahjong Tower

Exclusive Tips To Eliminate The Tower Quickly!

If you are into puzzle games then feel free to read this post because I am going to share some basic techniques that can easily help you to play Mahjong Tower without any wastage of time or making things tough. I am not going deep in the background of this game because I already have discussed that in earlier posts but I will entirely focus on the gameplay and strategies to remove the tower of tiles.

The starting interface of this game is very simple that anyone can play and select his/her own choice of Mahjong Tower. Following are some exclusive features that have been introduced in this game:

  • New Game: Allows you to start game from the beginning.
  • Select Layout: You can select layouts of your own choice and design e.g. shape of heart, face or pyramids.
  • Online Editor: This feature allows you to create your own design and layout and it requires a plug-in to do so.
  • How To Play: This feature allows you to understand the technique of playing Mahjong Tower easily.

 Note:  Screenshot of the main screen while starting playing Mahjong Tower.

After starting the game, you will automatically directed to the by default layout of game that is a look alike of Egyptian Pyramids. All you need is to eliminate 176 tiles from the tower and you will be awarded points each time you remove lookalike combinations. Below, I am going to show you a screenshot that can help you to understand the process of eliminating tiles from the tower. Always remember, the rule is to remove similar tiles that are not covered and have a space on their left and right. The image will elaborate the procedure precisely.

In the image above, you can see that the arrows are indicating the possible ways of eliminating the tiles from the tower. The extreme left arrow with red color is a look alike of the 2nd red arrow at the top and both of them are not occupied and have spaces on their left and right. This means you can remove these tiles. Same rule will be applied on the green and blue arrows.

At the bottom of the image, you can clearly see the options given by the game developer for better gameplay. So, why are you wasting time by staying idle in your leisure? Try playing Mahjong Tower and get yourself prepared for the bigger puzzles of real life.

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