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Playing Mahjong Online!

In case if you are not sure about Mahjong (literal meaning, Sparrow) then this small post will help you to understand the background, technique and gameplay of this puzzle game. Basically, the origin of Mahjong belongs to China and it was also famous in Korea and Japan. In real life, this game has four players but somehow a little variation in the number of players is acceptable. This game was developed by a Chinese Philosopher, Confucius in 500 BC.

To be honest with you guys, this game is not as easy as compare to other puzzle games and somehow a player of Mahjong is considered as an intellect. With passage of time, the gameplay of Mahjong changed from four players to one player and that was the beginning of introducing that game on internet. Yes, you can easily play this game online via secure browsing without facing any harms or cyber threats.

Playing Mahjong On Internet:

Usually, there are 136 – 140 tiles on the tower of Mahjong that are designed on different Chinese alphabets, symbols, numbers etc. Talking about this game, you can easily play it without any difficulty or paying any fees on internet. The rules are very simple and everyone can play it without any difficulty or trouble. You just have to be alert and thinkable to play Mahjong.

The graphics of this game are very good and the game doesn’t take much of your cache memory unlike other flash games. So, you are secure in many ways while playing it on internet.

All you need is to select the resembling tiles by a single mouse click and they will be vanished from the tower. Your task is to eliminate all the tiles from tower one by one but with a strategy so that you can uncover the tiles. Always remember, covered tiles along with no space on left or right can’t be eliminated.

Start playing Mahjong today and you will feel certain vibes that can easily change your whole life.

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4 Responses to Mahjong

  1. Maria Idalina Cristina says:

    Me gusta este juego wes muy entretenido

  2. Maria Idalina Cristina says:

    Loa juegos de inteligencia son muy buenos

  3. Amalia Pizano says:

    Yo tengo mas de 70 anos y mi entretenimiento favorito es este juego Mahjong

  4. michele farhi aktor says:

    nice to play every day

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