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Shanghai Mahjong

Shanghai Mahjong – Now Enhance Your IQ Level By Puzzles!

Shanghai Mahjong is getting hype these days because the game has the ability to enhance your thinking skills without wasting time. No doubt, chess needs a lot of time but playing Mahjong can be easier and quick if you know the proper rules and strategies to get rid of conjoined tiles.

Everyone loves to play computer games either they are racing, fighting, babysitting or any other category but mahjong puzzle games are special. Puzzle games are good for mind because they let you think more but with a variation. That’s the reason players of Chess or Mahjong are recognized as the cleverest persons on earth.

How To Play Shanghai Mahjong?

As it is clear from the name of this game that it has been originated from Chinese region. It’s fame has got into west also. This is actually a game in which you have to match conjoined tiles until all the tiles are gone. While playing Shanghai Mahjong, you have to keep in mind that the tiles are Free or available in the form of Pairs.

Easy Game-Play For Kids And Adults:

To cater every age group, the Shanghai Mahjong creators designed it in a way that anyone can easily play it. The start menu has an option to choose your playing level. If you are a kid/beginner then you should select the “For Kids” option because the tower of tiles is small and can easily be removed. On the other hand, if you feel confident you can play the advanced level by clicking the second option named as “Shanghai.

Playing Strategy:

There are as such no hard and fast rules to drag the tiles from one place to another. All you need is to select the alike tiles by just one click to the other and they will automatically be removed from the tower. Don’t let the name confuse you; it’s not a mahjong game only for people from Shanghai. People all around the world are taking keen interest in these games, because they are helpful in enhance the thinking level.

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