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War Mahjong

War Mahjong is a unique mahjong game

The war theme of this online mahjong game does manage to inject uniqueness into the game play. War mahjong provides 3 challenging levels and an unique game mechanics.

The game starts with the tiles laid down randomly on the grid in multiple layers and your aim is to clear the screen. You can remove the tiles by clicking on groups of identical tiles and here it comes the uniqueness of war mahjong: it adds game mechanics which makes it different. When tiles are removed, the gravity drags the remaining tiles to cover the empty spots.

War Mahjong original title is Tiles of the Unexpected

The original title of the game is Tiles of the Unexpected and is quite unique in it’s genre, because it uses the similar concepts as similar games, but it adds some game original mechanics. Maybe one of type of games it’s related to are collapse games.

The instructions are very clear:

  1. Click on any groups of the same tile.
  2. The tiles are removed, showing either 1 tile below or a gap if it is the bottom tile.
  3. If a gap is made by removing the bottom tile, the surrounding tiles drop down to fill it.
  4. Tiles that drop into the gap made are automatically checked again. Any combo’s found earn extra points and bombs for later in game.
  5. Once you run out of moves a bomb icon appears over your cursor. When the icon is over the mouse you can click on any tile to remove it. Your bomb count is on the left hand side of the screen.

War Mahjong Instructions

Furthermore, this behavior can be seen in other games like mahjong connect or mahjong chain. However, in those, the tiles are arranged in a single layer. The group should contain a minimum of two identical tiles. You will have to have very good observational skills to successfully play this game. You can play this game as many other games using only the mouse. If you enjoy this game, you can play on War Mahjong site more games developed in the same way.

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